The Pilgrim Way Skåne Blekinge

Pilgrims from afar can start in Malmö or Trelleborg and walk to Lund and continue north to Skånes Fagerhult and the border to the province of Småland.

In Småland, work has already begun to extend the route to Nydala monastery and Jönköping, where the Munka Route and the Francis Route are planned to lead the pilgrim to Vadstena. From Vadstena the pilgrim routes towards Nidaros in Norway are being tested.

The Pilgrim Way also has an eastward route from Lund, joining four of the five places where Premonstratensian monasteries were located during the Middle Ages. This route also leads to the holy shrine St Olof in the Österlen region.

At the heart of Skåne there is yet another rout joining the two others. This route passes Fulltofta and the church of St Magnhild of Skåne, the diocesan house Åkersberg in Höör, St Olof’s Church and Well in Hallaröd.

As a pilgrim you can choose to walk alone or join one of the arranged pilgrim walks.

For complete information and maps over the Pilgrim Way Skåne Blekinge, check the section Maps.

The Pilgrim Way is a project run by the parish of Lund Cathedral commissioned by the diocese of Lund.

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