In English

The word pilgrim means stranger and derives from the latin word peregrino. A pilgrim is a person on her way.

Therefore, all human beings are pilgrims as we are constantly on our way through life. We are born, we live and we die. As a pilgrim you make yourself aware of the fact that life is bigger than what you see with your eyes, touch with your hands or understand with your intellect.

A pilgrimage often leads to a holy place, a church. The pilgrimage bears the stamp of the pilgrims’s seven key words: simplicity, spirituality, slowliness, silence, freedom, light-heartedness and sharing.

All around the Christian world the pilgrim movement is growing. It is an ecumenical, grass-roots movement, it is a movement based on the longing for existential and spiritual healing and growth, it is a movement of faith and solidarity with Creation and with the ”least among us”.



May the beauty of God lighten up your way. May Christ walk with you and carry your worries. May the Spirit blow on your back and make you steps easy. And may Mary sing you the songs of faith.

Thomas Tranströmer
In the midst of the forest there is an unexpected glade
to be found only by the one who is lost.

Benedict of Nursia
Every guest should be greeted as if it were Christ himself.


Ö Vemmerlöv och äppleblom