Pilgrims in everyday life

Pilgrims who return after a pilgrimage will be happy to tell about great discoveries on their outward and inward journeys.

A wish to live as a pilgrim in everyday life awaken when you experience the plain life and the feeling of solidarity along the way, being so close to nature and embracing the spiritual dimensions of your existence.

To be a pilgrim is not only about making a physical journey but also about how to relate to life itself. Anyone who has walked a long way carrying a light luggage on her back suddenly realizes, when opening the door to the attic or the garage at home, that her belongings and the taking care of them are a heavy load.

During your walk, talking to your fellow travellers and meeting others, even strangers, will enrich you. Being a pilgrim in your everyday life is to look at your fellowmen with curiosity and confidence, as if they were carrying a treasure.