Lund Cathedral – a symbol of hope

The Lund Cathedral is almost 900 years old and is, with its romanesque architecture, a unique place of worship. Not surprisingly, it is the Cathedral which has most visitors in Sweden. In many ways this is where Christianity spread over the northern countries, and where the first Scandinavian Archbishops resided. In early medieaval times it was the centre of the largest Church Province in Northern Europe. The whole city, with its 27 Churches, was in a way a holy Place. It was built as an image of the universe with the Cathedral in its centre, so that the Cathedral represented Jerusalem and Rome.

Many of the medieaval stone churches which are so typical for Skåne was built in the period after the the Cathedral. In a way it was like one enormous building Project, starting in Lund, and then continuing all over the province in hundreds of places. It was in many ways through this enormous endeavour that Chirstianity was established in the country. When you walk the Pilgrim routes of Skåne Blekinge this is one of the stories you will be able to follow.

But the Cathedral has many other stories to tell, the most important is maybe the story of the Christian ecumenical movement. After World War II this is where the Lutheran World federation was founded and assembled for the first time, as a sign of hope, unity and reconciliation. From the ruins of Europe Church representatives gathered here to offer each other friendship and support.

LWF – on the commemoration in Lund

When the Lutheran Churches of the World gathered to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation it was, once more, in Lund they met. And this time together with the Roman Catholic Church and pope Francis. It was an ecumenical event that has had great importance for Christianity as a whole in our time. This event has had an impact on the daily Life in the Cathedral ever since. We have a Close relation to the different Churches in our city, not least with the Catholic congregation, and pray together regularly.

To choose Lund as the goal for your pilgrimage may be, in a small and personal way, to take part in the search for recociliation and unity within the universal Church of Christ and in the hope for Peace and Justice in the World. It may be a way to reflect on your own tradition and background and on your Calling as a disciple of Jesus.

Pax et bonum…

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